Security at the Fusion

The Fusion Festival is comparable to a Kirchentag (church gathering) in terms of security and peacefulness. This is mainly due to the fact that we treat each other responsibly, respect each other  and help each other.

But do not worry, if the worst comes to the worst, there are many different teams ready to help you:


The Security team is known for its prudent and calming professionalism. We help with conflicts and all matters concerning your security.

You can always reach us at 039833/2740400 - we recommend that you save the number directly in your mobile phone.


We are not in the mood for harassment and boundary violations. If you see something, do not look away, but intervene!

You can always reach us at 039833/2740400. A trained team is always at your assistance to support those affected. 

Our security takes care of perpetrators.

Off your head?

The  professionals of Eclipse have made it their  job to inform about (party-)drugs and to support in crisis situations  connected with drug use.

The psychedelic ambulance with Chill &  Chai, drug info, massages and care in any extraordinary state of  consciousness is open all the time:


  • at the old place next to the backstage


Animal welfare

Is your dog, hamster or pig going crazy? No wonder! Fusion is not a suitable place for animals.

In an emergency, our animal psychologist will take care of your pet on the way to the animal shelter to avoid more suffering. Please don't let it get that far!


Lifeguards always look after you at all swimming places. Please make sure that you do not need them!

Only go swimming if you can and feel comfortable!

Attention: Swimming in the lake at the Seebühne is definitely forbidden.

Pedestrian zone

The entire site is a pedestrian zone. Our emergency vehicles are the only exception.

Even if you are cycling, pedestrians always have priority.


We ordered the best weather.

Nevertheless, should a storm approach, we will turn off the music and give you safety instructions.

This is serious! Please do not discuss - it is about your safety.

Info points

You can find people who know almost everything and help you with all questions and needs at the info points:

  • at the barrier at A5
  • next to the backstage entrance
  • at the airport tower
  • at the Botschaft
  • at the Landebahn at A3

Everyone has a responsibility!

Especially when freedom seems unlimited, mindfulness of what is happening around  you is essential. If you realize that others are in a bad way, or that  their limits are being disregarded, do not look away, but become active  and do something about it. 

Only through shared responsibility can develop awareness for all.

Emergency number

039 833 / 274 04 00

In the case of an emergency, security, fire brigade and medical care are available at all times.

In case of doubt even faster than you can call them.

If  you need help, you can always reach us at 039833/2740400 - we recommend  that you save the number directly in your mobile phone.

Otherwise you will find help:

  • at every bar
  • at each entrance
  • at all info points

Medical care

The professionals from DRK and ASB provide first-class medical care. Luckily it is rarely needed.

Nevertheless,  they are always at hand and must be ready at all times - so please  visit your family doctor for your annual check-up, even if feels easier  during Fusion:-).


  • Right next to the backstage entrance
  • If you call us, we will come to you!

Fire prevention

Naturally,  the fire brigade is always on standby. Generally, they have very little  to do - please help to ensure that this remains the case.

Sky lanterns, campfires or fireworks are a great danger in this dry period. They are therefore forbidden!